Upgrade path

If you're upgrading from a previous version of Rocketeer, here are the major changes you'll need to look for:

From 1.2 to 2.0.0

  • Project is now 5.4+, if you still use 5.3, which is now EOL, it's time to upgrade
  • Rocketeer\Traits\Task was moved to Rocketeer\Abstracts\AbstractTask
  • Rocketeer\Traits\Plugin was moved to Rocketeer\Abstracts\AbstractPlugin
  • Rocketeer\Plugins\Notifier was renamed to Rocketeer\Plugins\AbstractNotifier
  • The $task->server property was renamed to $task->localStorage
  • Every connection/repository related method that was previously on $task->rocketeer was moved to $task->connections (getConnection, getStage, getConnectionCredentials, etc)
  • The getConnectionCredentials now always return an array of server credentials even there is only one server. To get the credentials of the only server or of one in particular, call $task->connections->getServerCredentials(connection = current, server = 0)
  • The following methods: php, artisan, runArtisan, runMigrations, runSeed, runTests, composer and runComposer have been removed and replaced by the Binaries system (see relevant documentation). Per example if you were doing $task->runMigrations(seed = false) you'll now do $task->artisan()->migrate(seed = false)
  • The following methods: cloneRepository, copyRepository and updateRepository have been removed and replaced by the Strategy system (see relevant documentation). If you were doing $task->updateRepository() you'll now do $task->getStrategy('Deploy')->update()
  • The following events are deprecated and have been replaced by subtasks and their matching before/after hooks:
    • cloneRepository and copyRepository => create-release.before
    • runComposer => dependencies.before
    • checkTestsResults => test.before

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