Installing Rocketeer on a project is quite easy, there are several ways to do so.

Via the compiled archive

The easiest way is to just get the archive by doing downloading it at the following addresss and putting it in your application's directory.

You can also install it globally by executing the following command which will then give you a global rocketeer command to use in any folder.

$ wget
$ chmod +x rocketeer.phar
$ mv rocketeer.phar /usr/local/bin/rocketeer

Then you just need to type rocketeer ignite. You'll get asked a series of question to setup your project and you should be good to go.

With Composer


You can also install Rocketeer with Composer as any package :

$ composer require anahkiasen/rocketeer
$ php vendor/bin/rocketeer ignite

And that's all, the configuration file referenced below will be created at yourapp/.rocketeer/.

Use php vendor/bin/rocketeer to access Rocketeer's commands or simply alias it : alias rocketeer='php vendor/bin/rocketeer'. You can also add vendor/bin to your PATH to always have local binaries accessible.


As with all Composer packages Rocketeer can be installed as a global dependency by prefixing global:

$ composer global require anahkiasen/rocketeer
$ rocketeer ignite


You'll do most of your configuration in Rocketeer's configuration files, in the .rocketeer folder. There are a lot of options in the configuration file, each is explained thoroughly so take your time to read the comments carefully.

Using Rocketeer

If you're using the archive, you'll need to hit php rocketeer.phar to access the commands, per example php rocketeer.phar deploy or if you installed it globally, rocketeer deploy.

Once you're done with the configuration, it is recommended to run the php rocketeer.phar check command, it will run various commands on the server to check whether the latter is ready to receive your application.

Then you can just hit php rocketeer.phar deploy. It will create an initial release on your remote server. Afterwards, to update it you can either run the same command again which will create an entirely new release, or simply do an php rocketeer.phar update which will update the repository and dependencies of your application.

Folder organization

Rocketeer recognizes its custom configuration in the folder you currently are in. Same thing for the custom tasks.php and events.php files, so you could have that organization :

| .rocketeer
| -- config.php
| -- hooks.php
| -- paths.php
| -- remote.php
| -- scm.php
| -- stages.php
| -- events.php
| -- tasks.php
| rocketeer.phar
| index.php
| public
| etc.

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